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Mitchiko Yambao +639161452811 I found your advertisement for the Data Entry Specialist and I am very interested in the position. I worked as a Sales Expert and Customer Service Representative in a US-based Telephone Company. Dealing with different kinds of customers is just one of my expertise. Experienced, resourceful, hardworking, and a very dedicated person in my recent job. I am one of the top performers who regularly exceed clients’ expectations by hitting all the target metrics. I know my skill set and industry knowledge will be invaluable to your fast-growing business. I treat all my clients like VIPs-and it works. I thrive in busy, ever-changing environments that require me to communicate clearly and concisely. Supporting a high-volume team and a busy executive helped me hone these skills—I typically sent more than 200 emails daily! I would love to schedule a time for us to discuss this role and my experience, and I truly want to thank you for considering me. All the best, Mitchiko Yambao