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Franz Joyce Maaliw Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager

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Today’s world is more technology-driven than ever before. Numerous people need help with their daily tasks that involve getting things done via the help of this virtual assistant. As a Virtual Assistant, I can help you grow your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest) as well as respond to inquiries. From Lead Generation to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I can provide a multitude of services for your business, whether it be one-off tasks or monthly subscriptions. I will be happy to assist you with these and many other services that you can need to run your business. This year, I got interested in the freelancing world and decided to start by enrolling myself in Virtual Assistant courses. Many new concepts need to be understood and it isn’t easy for anyone like me who has no experience but not knowing where to start. One of the main things I got from these courses was to get more confidence in myself to try out different ideas for businesses and see if they would work for them. I’m a dependable, responsible person who is always looking for new ideas and ways to go above and beyond. I’m always ready to help out in any way I can. Am I a perfect fit for you? Let’s get to know about your business and see how we can work together.


08.21-09.22 Assistant Coordinator at Philippine Government