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Edmon Macahila Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Stop looking any further; I’m your man! I worked for 9 years as a REAL ESTATE RESEARCHER and DATA ANALYST in various types of US Real Estate Title Insurance and also as an ACQUISITION SPECIALIST for a private company in Dallas Texas. This experience as a Title Examiner will assist you in expanding your business. I am trained to work under pressure, and my strength is my ability to learn quickly. I enjoy broadening my knowledge and learning new things in various fields. I work with various counties in the United States, primarily in the Phoenix area (AZ, NV, UT, and NM). My account was with First American Title Insurance Company, and I have the advantage and knowledge of Real Estate Title Examinations such as Full Search, Current Owner Search, 2 Owner Search, Lien Search, Title Search, Expedite Search, foreclosure sale, tax deed, and surplus. Some of my Tasks include as follow : ✅Ability to research ✅Examine and determine all the documents including chain of title, deeds, mortgage, deed of trust, and liens. ✅Identify Judgment, HOA, Easements, Agreements, State Tax Liens, taxes, probates, foreclosure, and due diligence. ✅Locate the APN of each property with the given address or legal description ✅Run physical data through the use of the Assessors Map and legal description. ✅Quality Assurance ✅Answering emails and feedback. ✅Product Listings ✅Order Entry/Confirmation Tools that I used mostly on research: ✅Data Trace ✅Data Tree (pulling of any real estate document) ✅TRD ✅Netronline ✅County websites ✅Google Maps ✅GIS Maps ✅Fastweb ✅Canva With this background, I am confident that we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship. I am always eager to learn new things. I am adaptable and creative in the face of change. If you hire me, I guarantee that I will do my absolute best on this job.


August 2021 Acquisition Specialist at Grow Wealth 2 Retire LLC