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How We Manage A Team of 12 Filipino Virtual Assistants & Freelancers

Discover the strategies we use to effectively manage a team of 12 Filipino virtual assistants and freelancers, while optimising our time and earnings, and without compromising our mental well-being

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Everyone talks about working smarter and not harder. But the honest truth is that it doesn’t exist. Therefore you have to work smarter AND harder because the compounding effect of intelligence with diligence is exponential. Perhaps we’re lazy and don’t want to spend an extra minute doing something we dislike, so out of necessity we built an ecosystem to maximise our energy and time spent at work more efficiently.

So how do we manage and work with our team in the Philippines whilst still looking after some big ass clients?

Well we won’t lie – we failed miserably when we first started. And chances are, so will you. But failure is part of the process and now we can proudly say that our claim to fame is that we’ve successfully failed our way to freedom.

To help you optimise your day, we’ve broken down our daily structure below, and how you can implement a similar schedule that works for you:

  1. Our morning routine involves connecting with clients on Zoom for the first hour of the day. Our main office is located in Berlin and most of our clients are in Sydney, so we start as early as 6:30 am to accommodate the 10-hour time difference. Slightly painful but manageable.

  2. We often allot 30 minutes to check our emails. While we used to spend up to 2 hours a day on this task, we’ve now taught our team to handle our Inbox while we’re not available. We still attend to emails that need our immediate attention, recognising that some matters can’t be delegated. Nevertheless, we’re continuously working to improve our delegation strategies.

  3. We then dedicate 30 minutes to addressing messages on Skype or WhatsApp. With each client assigned a dedicated Account Manager, we’ve built trust with our clients, who know they can rely on our team’s skills and expertise. Though we remain the primary face of WOWFreelancer, we’re proud to work alongside a team that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

  4. The following two hours are perhaps the most critical of our workday, as we convene with our Project Manager, Account Managers, and team members for essential meetings and one-on-one training sessions. During this time, we dive into client briefs, review ongoing campaigns, and set expectations for the coming weeks. These meetings are essential to ensure our team is aligned and equipped to deliver the highest quality work for our clients. (Check out a picture of our weekly team meeting here.)
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The key to success is visibility. When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s effortless to be present and committed. And the more you invest in your team’s development, the greater the intangible benefits become. We believe in hiring smart Filipino Virtual Assistants/Freelancers because they’re highly capable. When you expect greatness, people rise to meet your expectations.

As you can see, our four-hour workday is highly productive. Did you know that on average, people spend less than three hours doing actual work out of their eight-hour workday? Well, we’re proud to say that we’re overachievers! 😊

If you are interested in hiring a Filipino Freelancer/Virtual Assistant, register here or email us at to see how we can help to guide you through.

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