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To start hiring, just choose a plan to post a job ad and get access to our database of over 3000 experienced virtual assistants and freelancers looking to start work immediately.

Simply add your company details under the Company Dashboard – please note that each account is limited to one company only (see our Terms of Use). Once you’ve set that up, you’re ready to start recruiting and hiring your first WOWFreelancer.

Is this your first time hiring a freelancer? Have a look at our guide to outsourcing freelancers in the Philippines and why it may just be the best decision for your business.

A great job description will attract the best candidates and help you find the right person for the job. However, if this is your first time outsourcing, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

That’s why we have put together a collection of great job description templates that you can access here. This way, you can have a starting point and make sure that your job description is as effective as possible.

With the Enterprise plan, you can simply send a message to your account manager and we will create the job descriptions and listings for you.

The recruitment process can seem daunting, but with a little planning it can be straightforward and even enjoyable. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Shortlist the top 3-5 candidates you think will be best for the job.
  • Schedule an interview the day before so both you and your candidate can arrange the time accordingly.
  • During the interview process, we recommend:
    • Asking a simple technical question to test their knowledge to make sure you feel comfortable they know the job well
    • Asking a question about their personality so you can feel confident with them
    • Confirming with the candidate that they are happy with the salary
    • Confirming their working hours
    • If you are pleased with the interview and would like to take them to the next step: Confirm if they are happy to do a 1-week part time paid trial to make sure you both feel that it’s a good fit
    • If you have other interview/s scheduled for the day and would like to weigh in your options: Promise that you will get back to the candidates within an hour. If you want to secure a good freelance worker, you need to respond quickly.
  • When you have made your decision to hire your WOWFreelancer, make an offer with 2 candidates for a paid trial.

Yes, we can.* 

We will identify the top 5 candidates we believe will suit your job so that it can save you time and help you identify the people you should be interviewing quicker, that way you can onboard them even faster.


* feature available with our Enterprise plan does not collect payments on behalf of any parties. Payments are discussed between the employers and the freelancers. Here are the widely used payment methods you can use to transfer your pay online. To maintain the integrity of the working relationship, we do not allow free trials as this is against our code of conduct. 

Congratulations on finding the best Filipino WOWFreelancer for the job! If you don’t think you’ll need to hire again in the near future, you can cancel your subscription at any time – no hidden fees or charges, and no questions asked. 

WOWFreelancer’s vision is to connect you with the right person who will take your business to the next level. And if we were able to do that for you, then that only ignites our passion to move forward and help more employers around the world.

WOWFreelancer is a premium job board that connects great employers around the world exclusively with high-quality Filipino virtual assistants and freelancers.

We do not take any payments through our site – you pay your freelancers directly. This way, you can be sure that your freelancers are getting the pay they deserve. By providing access to our experienced and skilled Filipino virtual workers, we hope to make the hiring process easier, efficient, and sustainable for both employers and freelancers.